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Longitudinal Studies of Effects of Divorce on Children in Great Britain and the United States
Cherlin, Andrew J; Furstenberg, Frank F, Jr; et al. Science; Washington252.5011 (Jun 7, 1991): 1386.

Divorcing Children: Children’s Experience of Their Parents’ Divorce
By Ian Butler, Lesley Scanlan, Margaret Robinson, Gillian Douglas, Mervyn Murch

These Divorce Courts Will Now Treat Pets Like Children
By Cady Lang, Time Magazine

How Studying Data Helped Me Get Over My Divorce
By Chris Wilson, Time Magazine

Three Perspectives On Keeping the House, Or Not
Three professional perspectives on whether or not you should keep the home after a divorce.
By Deanna Conklin-Danao, Divorce Magazine

Healthy divorce: How to make your split as smooth as possible
American Psychological Association

When Parents Divorce, the Children Get the House
Exes still share the family home, but therapists warn of the downsides
By Nina Sovich, Wall Street Journal